About Us
We are Hk International

We are inspired by problems

HK International Ltd
HK International Ltd

We work with innovation

As serial inventors, we are obsessed with everyday frustrations and needs. As a company, we are defined by innovation, and problem resolution, through the simplest of products.

Hk international is spearheaded by Hedayat, who is trained as a chef, and holds three degrees – with these being mechanical production engineering, retail interior design and space planning.

Our latest product

The Pizza Box Divider – our latest product – has been brought to market through Hedayat’s first-hand experience of the food service industry. Having worked his way through the ranks from an entry level position in a pizza franchise, to general manager in the supplying and deliver of packaging, Hedayat fully appreciates the challenges of the market.

Today, we look forward to the future, and the Pizza Box Divider is just the beginning – the first in a line-up of inventions set to resolve the long-standing issues in the foodservice market.

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