The Pizza Box Divider

2 pieces of cardboard, capable of 3 incredible things

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2 minutes will change your view of what an innovative pizza box divider can do for your business

  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Cost-effective
  • Branding-ready

You’ve got a problem

(actually, you have a few)

Extra Boxes

Whether kebab shop owner or pizzeria, you use traditional side order boxes. LOTs of traditional side order boxes, and it’s fair to say that they cause you issues… LOTs of issues…

✔ Side orders are routinely forgotten – left behind on top of the oven where they were placed to be kept warm

The result? Customer complaints and two trips for your drivers.

✔ The food inside gets cooler more quickly that your customers would like,

The outcome? Unhappy customers who go online to complain.

✔ Small side orders of limited value use up box after box.

The sum total? Packaging costs that go up and up and up.

We've got the Solution

Which delivers many other benefits besides

The Pizza Box Divider

Here’s how we’ve tackled the above problems, one by one.

  1. Fewer unhappier customers, who receive a partially complete order
  2. Food that arrives hotter
  3. Use fewer boxes, by packaging more food, together

2 Pieces of Cardboard - 1 Tasty Boost in Profits

Cut costs. Boost profit margins.

The Pizza Box Divider provides a boost in profits on each box of food by 100 – 130%.

A simple idea, capable to do lots of things:

  1. Save money by using less boxes. (Use fewer boxes, by packaging more food, together).
  2. More choice for customers who can mix and match their very own side order combo.
  3. The empty spaces in your boxes mean that your food gets cold more quickly than it should, buy using divider Food will arrives hotter.
  4. An increase in the cross sales of side orders.
  5. Compete with sharper price points on your menu.
  6. Reduce the incidence rate of partially complete orders.
  7. Splash you’re branding on each sleeve.
  8. Split veggie and meat foods effectively.
  9. Run promos on starter mix and match boxes.
  10. Split Mains and Sides (For Use in 12″ Boxes)



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